To provide services with dignity to those who are in need of food, shelter and other essentials. 

The Inn was started in 1981 by a group of people, centered in St. Johns Anglican Church, in Sarnia’s south end,
who became concerned with the growing need of the disadvantaged persons in this area.

In time they were joined by others, so that The Inn is now supported by the faith community, as well as Service Clubs,
individuals, labour, industry and governments… All coming together, enabling The Inn to be the caring hands of the community.


Our Events

  • Jan. 3 2017 - Feb. 28 2017
    Jan 1st winner- $1000- R & W Heasman Ticket Number # 1480

    Jan 2nd winner- $500- R. Armstrong Ticket Number # 1148

    Jan 3rd winner- $50- R. Harkins Ticket Number # 0895

    Jan 4th winner- $250- L. Hathaway Ticket Number #1376

    Jan 5th winner- $50- M. Zavitz Ticket Number #1953

    Jan 6th winner- $50- C. Wonderhem Ticket Number #2179

    Jan 7th winner- $50- C. Beauchamp Ticket Number #1228

    Jan 8th winner- $100- J. Hart- Ticket Number...

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