When Covid began I was collecting EI. When my EI was finished I moved in to Covid. I live with a friend who has been diagnosed with severe chronic PTSD. Before Covid he was able to stay alone while I worked, since the pandemic he needs someone with him constantly. When my Covid stopped in December, i moved forward and applied for the Caregivers support theough Covid. I was lead to believe I was eligible after speaking to a CRA agent but was told it could be up to 12 weeks. I waited
patiently and adviced any outstanding debtors that they would be taken care of asap. The approx 13,000.00 in Covid arrears is not coming after all. I have received a disconnect ion notice from Bluewater Power. If I dont take them 400.00 cash today, my service will be suspended. The Enbridge bill is also in arrears and we have received a disconnection notice from them as well
My Landlord is a saint and has been so gracious, but now he is out of work and not collecting EI. He was allowing the rent to be paid by-weekly. That was possible when I was receiving support. Since my Covid was stopped, my friend has been covering all expenses again, in anticipation of the Caregivers support. I dont know where to go Jon as far as his need for full time care. Any help getting caught up and looking at other avenues moving forward would be greatly appreciated

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