I am currently trying to find employment while my partner, Cornnor, is in the middle of trying to switch careers. He has been trying make all the payments while I’ve been working when I can on the side as a cleaner to bring in any extra cash. We have a cat who is very well fed, however, this often times does leave us cutting short on groceries for ourselves. Other payments such as Cornnor’s car, car insurance, home insurance, phone bills, credit cards and overall still paying off OSAP. We were using my Student Line Of Credit to make ends meet for a few months, as Cornnor was not being paid fairly and I was too ill to work, however the line of credit is now maxed out. We have been slowly paying rent when we can but it’s adding up and now we have an N4 & a letter stating that we owe $2787.80 by June 3rd or they will file an L1 for eviction.

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