1 yr ago my relationship ended. I was doing ok. Up until 2 months ago. They removed their phone from my account and their device balance became immediately due. My bill was almost 1000.00 and up for immediate disconnection. I had to make a sizeable payment.. they have not helped with this bill at all. In order to keep my phone on, I asked my landlords if I could pay half a month’s rent to pay on the account again last month, with a promise to catch up in July. 2 weeks after this I lost my job. I did get approved for unemployment insurance. But it isn’t enough to pay my rent with on July 1 st will be 1350.00. I have received 1 payment from ei in the amount of 271. 00 I paid a small amount on all my utilities. But im roughly 3 months behind on my gas, hydro and water. I have applied for Ontario works to see if they can help me. I just need a little help to get out of this situation. I have been in my home for close to 7 years. I did find a very part time job… 8 hrs a week. Which will help. But not enough to get myself out of the trouble I’m in. I have not yet reached out to my landlords. Jamie and Joe about my current situation. I’m afraid. I’m not up for eviction. But i hate to be behind. And im not feeling very hopeful at the moment. I also have my sister in law moving in with me in August. This will help immensely. But. Im in trouble now. If you could help in some small way I would be eternally grateful.

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