I moved here with my now ex gf, Danielle Cumming. I work for skip the dishes and I lost my car to the Lessing company for going way over my KM allowance per month. I started using my gf car as she was not using it because she was taking care of our baby who is now 8 months old. Little did I know, she hadn’t been paying the rent and one day while I was at work she packed up and left. Leaving me 2 months behind in rent. Coming up to the 1st I will owe 3 months at $1100 a month. I recently just acquired a vehicle so in able to continue my job but I have no way to come up with what I owe in arrears for back rent. I won’t have a problem going forward into the new year with maintaining paying the $1100 a month. I get my son Godric(8 months old) for a few days every other week. And I have 2 teenage daughters Eliyah(13) and Emma(17) who visit me sporadically every other weekend for the weekend typically. Depending how they feel. Teenage girls ya know how it can be 🙂
I’m requesting documentation from my landlord via email.

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