In my household it is myself, my spouse, and our 6 year old son. I am also 31 weeks pregnant, due with a baby girl on May 5th 2023. I was working full time up until October 2022 as a PSW because my workplace fired me as I had too many restrictions due to the pregnancy. We have been a one income household since October 2022 and it is getting difficult. I did not qualify for maternity benefits either as I was 70 hours short. For our rent, we’ve been a month behind. Our rent is due on the 1st of every month, but we keep having to pay it at the end of every month. We have received multiple N4 notices. We always pay prior to the eviction date given, but we can’t keep being late.
We received an N4 for February’s rent stating for us to pay it before March 1st. We paid it. But now we can’t pay March 1st’s rent and we are worried we are going to receive another N4, as we’ve received too many already from past months. Our due rent for March 1st is 1,138.65. We are seeking assistance with this one months rent so that we can get ahead instead of staying behind and risking getting evicted.

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