Hello. I am having a hard time trying to pay rent since I had all my tax credits cut off. I am working on getting them back and hoping to have them back by May and will have no problem maintaining my rent like I have been previously. I currently do not get child tax credit, trillium, gst or climate action. My child tax is 100 short than my rent which makes a big difference. I currently work part time in the community as a psw and between fuel for work, groceries, babysitting fee (very low cost. I pay them in coffee which is cheaper than daycare.), and NSF fees I have been finding it impossible to keep up. I get 2 paychecks a month that is maybe just enough to pay my rent but having the NSF fees and basic living costs, I cannot keep up. Your help will get me ahead and make it possible to live moving forward. I do try my hardest to try and pay things down, but I am really struggling to catch up. I will send the documents needed once I obtain the N4 from my landlord. Thank you for all you do for our community, and I appreciate your time and understanding.

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