I have fallen behind in all my bills. I was forced to move in July by my old Landlord, it increase my rent by $900 a month. My utilities also increase by over double what I was paying before. The house I am currently renting needed a lot of work, there was no hot water, the shower was leaking, their was a water leak under the house, the door to the outside was broken and unable to correctly close and lock. The landlord had said if I took care of the issues he would pay for them. Only giving me $100 leaving me with the bill for the company that did the work.I then became ill with
covid causing me to be off work for the last 2 weeks. I am behind in all my utilities – my hydro because and
gas because of the remaining doors not being replaced and sealed have raised those bills as well. I am
trying my hardest to catch up and keep up however my childrens dad – we have shared custody- has left for
3 months for work without leaving any cash flow so I am not paying extra groceries I am not used to.

I have a job with a good income, I have just fallen so far behind that I can’t catch up. I have 2 eviction notices and a disconnection notice. I am currently isolating with Covid and have gotten viral pneumonia and plural effusion as a result of the covid. If there is anyway I can send everything over email to have it looked at asap? I have contacted Salvation Army and they are willing to help with $550 for rent if I can get help for the full amount

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