Why i need help with paying my rent is because im on osap and in the first term from sept 2022-dec 2022 i had went for full time studies to part time because i had to withdrawl from classes because of attendance ..i had a code day 22 so it had affected my osap for when i got in january. when i got my osap for 2nd term i was back up to full time studies but my osap was only $3,045.00 instead of $10,, so i didnt have enough to cover any of my bills to where im behind in my hydro and gas bill. im sending all my documents off to LEAP for gas and hydro through the other one or w.e but have to wait to hear back. my landlord is not a nice lady and is wanting to evict me for other reasons that she cant kick me out for and things landlords arent suppose to do like coming for a inspection of the house but is going thru my fridge n cupboards which is none of her business and how much food i got has nothing to do with inspection of the home and more…i have lived in my house for 10yrs, never bother them for anything let alone they dont fix anything..i have had to it, well have friends and family help me out of our own pockets to fix things that the LANDLORD is responsible for doing. so i owe march’s rent and than ill have mays to pay for but im getting isap first week of may but if im able to have you guys help with both months rent that would be alot better, if not its ok

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