Good day,

My name is Kaylee Collins. I am currently receiving unemployment benefits, I receive 779.00 every two weeks. This is extremely hard difficult and embarrassing for me to be able to “speak” about but this is part of the reason why I am requesting financial help. I was in a abusive relationship and needed to move for safety reasons and part of the reason I lost my employment. I moved in an apartment, the landlords were kind enough to allow me to move in without paying last months rent. (March 15, 2023) I was able to pay 1100.00 for April, I was unable to pay this months rent on the 1st. I would be greatful for any assistance. If there are volunteer options I would be able to help with, I would gladly help. Thank you for your assistance. Please know I am actively looking for employment.

Kind regards,
Kaylee Collins

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