Currently in school doing the ECE program. OSAP didn’t give me that much and with my school schedule I’m stuck working saturdays and Sunday’s 9 am – 11 pm. Haven’t had enough money to get groceries so have been using the college food bank due to my school/work schedule and not being able to easily get to other food banks. I have to complete a certain amount of placement hours and am currently in my last 2 weeks of school and then starting full time work may 1st. My landlord is giving us an n4 and n8 but have yet to receive it, i have already used to inn once for rental assistance so not sure if I would qualify again but I’m really struggling and I only have a bit to go before I’m working full time in the field I’m going to school for and I really don’t wanna be evicted before then because I worked really hard in school and got good grades and tried my hardest but I just need help

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